Did Woman Sleepwalk to Her Death?

Friends suspect Charlene Ferrero's drowning may have resulted from sleepwalking.
1:26 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Did Woman Sleepwalk to Her Death?
I heard a knock on the door and -- have. Let's -- what do you do not honey. And she gazans whose story the people to be able to ordered to add -- the 55 year old Ferreira was a waitress at the start -- diner in summer games. After that sleepwalking episode to -- -- who lives next door. Walked Guerrero home and made sure she was in bed for -- never remembered any -- according to serene and she's -- used to do that matters to me. And I -- guess what money. You do it again I -- that's scary that's dangerous. At -- diner today the owner lowered his flag to half staff to honor -- program. Is it was present. Literate -- able to work. And I Priscilla. To -- -- serene he agrees that her friend was a very good person with a zest for life she says last Saturday afternoon to head TD yes. On Sunday morning -- he says she noticed -- -- -- -- awkwardly parked out front. And that neighbor had found her cell phone on the grass serene he believes Ferraro may have sleep walked and fell into Newton lake a couple blocks away. Still she says he has lots of questions so -- the -- co worker at -- the challenge and she's honestly thought that she's gonna hit the what are you gonna wake up. You're gonna get your bare feet 2 o'clock in the morning when it's freezing. When -- and just found I just didn't sit right with me at all.

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{"id":15214857,"title":"Did Woman Sleepwalk to Her Death?","duration":"1:26","description":"Friends suspect Charlene Ferrero's drowning may have resulted from sleepwalking.","url":"/Health/video/woman-sleepwalk-death-15214857","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}