Woman Survives Breast Cancer and Heart Failure

Toni Wild, 50, overcame breast cancer twice and received a heart transplant.
2:22 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Woman Survives Breast Cancer and Heart Failure
In 1992. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I had to have chemotherapy and radiation live the next five years cancer freeing. My husband and I decided to take a trip as we were -- -- -- -- We got a flat tire as my husband twisted tale out of changing that flat tire and came a car. And struck him. He was -- I had to make a very crucial decision. To make my husband and organ donor. For being young we've never talked about the one via -- knowing my husband the way and you know him he was a very giving man. I made that decision I was actually able to provide the great -- homilies. But the second chance at life one with a hard and -- with kidneys and and several other families with tissue bone and cornea. I made it to his one year anniversary of his stand. I placed my hand on my breast and -- another alarm. Cancer. After I had my last -- -- treatment and I started with just a little cough. And then the -- turned into shortness of breath. And -- -- and it keeps congestive heart failure. And it was second daring to -- that they are being my heart was functioning. At about 10%. Sort of a heart transplants. They had exhausted pollen there -- -- sense. I couldn't believe I had given her heart away. And -- -- I need one in order to survive. I received. The -- precious gift. A person can receipt. -- -- pocket. I am forever grateful to my donor. I think what this -- he has taught me. -- perseverance. It gives me great pleasure to be able to. Share my story -- an individual that may be out across friend. And just show them a faith. -- -- -- That you may never mentioned finding yourself and can look fine on the other hand.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Toni Wild, 50, overcame breast cancer twice and received a heart transplant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"18613765","title":"Woman Survives Breast Cancer and Heart Failure","url":"/Health/video/woman-survives-breast-cancer-heart-failure-18613765"}