Woman's Hip Replacement Causes Allergic Reaction

New blood test can find allergies before implant surgery.
1:42 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Woman's Hip Replacement Causes Allergic Reaction
After having both hips replaced -- for a -- expected to face months of rehabilitation to regain her strength and mobility. But she never expected this. I was just -- I was going crazy with that out with -- I just couldn't take -- my head it's mean every single thing in the audience along with the -- came intense pain but it wasn't until she got a pet scan for a long problem that doctors learned something was wrong with Paul is new had. Special testing showed she was allergic to so after months of misery and tens of thousands of dollars for surgery. Paula had to start all over again. Unfortunately the only option right now is to replace it with something. Which -- -- not allergic. But thanks to experts at national Jewish health in Denver there may soon be a simple way to tell if you're allergic to an implant before you get it. Karen -- -- an allergist who says a growing number of patients are not only allergic to the metals used in implants but to the bone cement used in surgery. Right now the best way to detect those allergies is to do with skin -- before surgery but those can take weeks to get results and you need a specialist to do them. So doctor Pacheco and laboratory director doctor BJ at night developed a new option. It's a simple blood test that can detect allergies to nickel a metal often used in implants and the most common contact allergy and in the country. It's easier you can send in a black man gets developed. You don't need to. Have somebody available knows how to -- the -- testing by 2030 there could be more than 111000. Implants every day in the US and some of those patients may be able to avoid painful allergic reactions after surgery. Thanks to a routine blood test before it. At national Jewish health in Denver this is Clark -- reported.

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{"id":19178529,"title":"Woman's Hip Replacement Causes Allergic Reaction","duration":"1:42","description":"New blood test can find allergies before implant surgery.","url":"/Health/video/womans-hip-replacement-allergic-reaction-19178529","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}