Women's Health Questions

Dr. Hilda Hutcherson answers questions on breast cancer, birth control and more.
5:23 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Women's Health Questions
From questions about birth control to questions about breast cancer -- -- -- some common concerns regarding women's health. And here -- -- provides an inside information on what you need to know is OB GYN and clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology. At Columbia University doctor Hilda hikers and doctor Hutchison thanks so much for joining us let's jump right -- it got a lot to cover you a lot of questions I'm sure about birth control. And the first question we have is. I have tried three different birth control pills and they all make me crazy literally. What birth control -- would you suggest I am 24 and not ready to have a baby well you know yeah. Use birth control pills to treat PMS and mood illness that comes with it -- for some women. The birth control pill can actually making it much worse with depression and mood swings. So for those women I recommend today old -- teen. A -- -- very low dose birth control pill that we have now has only ten micrograms of estrogen. And for some of those women taking that ultra low birth control pill can make a difference. But if that doesn't work then I think that I you dean has made com. And you know previously you were afraid to use in the I NT IUD -- because of some past history but now we. We -- it quite frequently and. Frequently used to say if small and bags very effective with very few side so low -- birth control or IUD a potential alternatives for this -- -- OK another one about birth control is not -- to staff having it curious after you go one -- yeah else. Absolutely and -- combat. -- -- -- -- -- Most women will have a period within three months of stopping the birth control pill but someone -- -- can last up to a year. Before they get a normal period and that's because birth control pills won't quiet his -- -- and when you stop taking them. It sometimes tinsel wildly -- -- -- to wake up and start arguing. OK so don't be alarmed right let's move on to the next question. This one is I've heard that oral sex can cause throat cancer. Is this true and how can I prevent it and what are the signs and throat cancer is in this the -- talking about artists. Really important question -- -- in the last twenty years we've seen an increase. In the number of throat cancers costs -- HPV the human -- -- -- -- The same virus that causes cervical cancer and we think that. It's transmitted through oral sex. So. Oral sex is no longer consider. Safe sex and so I say to my patients now you don't have to give up oral sex but you need to deep -- The number of sexual partners that you -- Very importantly no alcohol. No smoking. And perhaps considered getting good -- PV vaccine. That same one that's used to prevent cervical can learn one used to prevent cervical cancer because assistant each PV vaccine. Did the same eats people tight. That causes cervical cancer -- -- studies have not been done to -- that the vaccine will decrease throat cancer but we can only assume. That it well and in fact. I have four children. Three boys one girl between 1523. And all of my children are being vaccinated including -- -- Including the boys and that caused the on the recommendation it's absolutely beyond the recommendations. Although we know that it's safe to use in boys as well. But what this new information on throat cancer that occurs -- and boys and girls. I think it's really important to protect both -- and it's certainly something you should bring up with your doctor what have symptoms how do you -- attacked early kind throat cancer. Well first I think that when you go to your dentist you should make sure that your dentist. Thoroughly inspects your mouth and throat not your doctor your identity identity absolutely if you don't go to your dentist regularly and you can have your regular doctor. Ticket tonight and look. You know completely throughout your mouth and throat. I'm the signs are having and lump that is -- that doesn't go way happiness a -- In your mouth the back of your throat that doesn't heal quickly. Course -- Difficulty swallow when. As well as. Month and a mouth or throat -- -- -- about it OK so let's move on to the last question which is about breast cancer how can I. Prevents. Breast cancer what can -- do in my daily life. To prevent a diagnosis or at least give you the best. I think there are few things one is to avoid excess alcohol content. The other is to maintain a healthy weight because we know that obesity increases breast cancer risk. Exercising. Seems to decrease. Your risk of breast cancer and I recommend exercising at least 45 minutes. For at least. Five days a week if not every day. There may be some benefit to having a low fat diet as well okay you know what's great about your advice -- these are things we can all. Due to lower that risk doctor -- actress and thank you so much -- -- think you.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Dr. Hilda Hutcherson answers questions on breast cancer, birth control and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14732297","title":"Women's Health Questions","url":"/Health/video/womens-health-questions-14732297"}