Work Out Like a Hong Kong Action Hero

Michael Nevermind shows us his latest workout, "Rogue HK."
4:57 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Work Out Like a Hong Kong Action Hero
Have all seen that -- Hong Kong action flicks -- creative look next spot in the east and in fact -- back. And Hewitt the creator. Wrote he -- Michael never mind. Michael thanks so much for letting -- since you're seeing here tell us -- is asking about. Will relocate its case in new kind of martial arts for -- mankind's very retain. As if we're repent for a fight scene in the movie and basically -- news out of -- -- stocks. We also learn about forms Clinton looks good on the camera application and -- them. And connection which key elements to fight scenes and on key elements -- -- -- going to step out and back and do it let's check it costs. He's -- thanks -- -- in your corner. And you're gonna go step out of that. Eight times and then you can we have the right. This is his sister -- And now to the right you can -- years and -- same thing with fifty. And back. Clear -- the freest held now we go to of those strikes down the -- Crops no vote now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stay connected to your book. Come all the way down. Came from here you -- block this -- -- -- four see you then it's your blocking them. To block down near abstract -- your application. To go one. Snooze and dream remembered how effective -- -- -- in the right hands -- -- -- To make sure you bring that -- out. I'll. -- Says it's right -- -- hook up. -- there again we want to -- -- want to make soon use your elbows. When you push them forward to -- the -- amount -- force to bring them back you have to use your -- to -- connected. So again from the left side one. It's. Great. For its -- we continue right need center. You know we'll be right leg back and his next move if it had all those together you can do right foot circle to the front. And if you put things you can put all related to back. Who is. Ten truck -- the last -- event is there's a lot. Come back and the one. Do. -- The -- my -- is basically here it's Friday overlap. You and -- keep you need close to the cap. Give back his -- your palms of fluid and -- -- Didn't feel like a dream it's dream. And -- this -- coming your muscles on the lake and the next movement in part three. His flop insensitive who has the rights. Since -- -- who with a left. And you want to strike down the left. But. -- -- -- -- So that -- comes down. -- And across -- find. -- -- His victory -- doing the right thing sandwich plunged down it's gonna follow with the left inside the we take a lot of those -- but the candidate again. Game did you burn those calories strengthened and -- emotions and get it right. --

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{"id":14917582,"title":"Work Out Like a Hong Kong Action Hero","duration":"4:57","description":"Michael Nevermind shows us his latest workout, \"Rogue HK.\"","url":"/Health/video/work-hong-kong-action-hero-14917582","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}