Working to End Female Genital Cutting

Molly Melching's journey to end a century old practice.
3:55 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Working to End Female Genital Cutting
Host he -- breakthrough. For thousands of villages in Africa the breakthrough means young girls will no longer suffer from the disturbing and dangerous tradition the female genital -- All because this woman who stone's founder is working to make this the last generation to endure -- it was very important that you are cut. -- you would not have a nuclear it's a traditional practice we have known for many years I suffered personally. -- melting came to West Africa 36 years ago for a short university exchange programs. She had no idea how long -- -- -- I was surrounded by. Animals in a spiral that I was in the middle of ands. I felt so peaceful. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The local language she wrote children's books opened in school but then one conversation changed her life and thousands of others. -- women said to me we must talk about female genital cutting. And I said. I feel -- -- comfortable about that. Because I'm not of the culture and I have not gotten through this like you have. And they looked at me and they sent what do you mean. You feeling comfortable what about us they want to talk about it it is time so we went inside the building and I was in the middle of the room. And all of the people have put their chairs around Venus Ira. And I said oh my goodness -- -- -- dream. This was my DREAM Act out like. Don't ever question. Again just keep going. -- -- on my -- never told the women to stop cutting she built toast on to educate kids about health and basic human rights -- the way to control your own body. Amazingly without citing people decided we and it. We're now learning that. Violence suffering and they said I think we need to stop -- it sounds almost magic but. It really happens that way. Thorsten teaches. Two win by religious elders like -- -- Who is now walked over 300 villages. Encouraging men to join the movement -- -- seven now they say the health of our daughters comes first what does life look like four. Girls here. After we're -- gone. You have everything I do is for those girls. And this village in Senegal music and storytelling to the message. -- many mothers. Don't -- reminder fifteen cutting has cost. To marry up to two -- daughters died just after they were cut I watched you as you watch the play and you're very moved by. When people of these plays they speak of the realities of their community. And then I saw the little girl who went to cut -- notorious and came back. And and she had died and. Today she's -- She's safe and so be cheap. But I'm I'm victim it's as if we have been liberated -- from what. Definitely an educational it is the courage to stand in front and as women -- top. I had no problem getting married. There's no grow my agent can you just. As long as I have. The villagers. -- say to me thank you Molly for supporting us to do -- work.

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{"id":15695669,"title":"Working to End Female Genital Cutting","duration":"3:55","description":"Molly Melching's journey to end a century old practice.","url":"/Health/video/working-end-female-genital-mutilation-15695669","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}