World's First Test-Tube Baby Turns 1: 1979

Louise Brown's parents talk about their daughter's first year of life.
1:39 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for World's First Test-Tube Baby Turns 1: 1979
How she'd been have you seen. Anything unusual in her behavior has she achieved. Perfectly. Average every day baby would you say he had to Richard Boucher assistant. -- -- -- -- -- -- She's -- Four in crawl in. Trying to -- on anything and everything. -- who destroyed particular hurry you know issues just and walking. The local favorite. Do you feel that you ever. Ever be able to. To go through day in the life without being having somebody tomorrow -- say something when -- how she came and we'll. Yes I think so because Sen. As -- said just now. People who -- -- recognizes you know we -- -- -- in the restroom. We can emotional and people really that we had six super I think it normally come -- she must remember. Seventy. National lot of people company should. Human infrastructure. Should -- She's very pretty true pitches over her. Yeah -- -- a similar. You know. Decision currents have to cancel her whole. She -- -- in a place that. She's spending heavily vote. She did -- -- she knew she was an occasional. And this I would just -- -- savings that we think it.

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{"id":19771707,"title":"World's First Test-Tube Baby Turns 1: 1979","duration":"1:39","description":"Louise Brown's parents talk about their daughter's first year of life.","url":"/Health/video/worlds-first-test-tube-baby-turns-1-in-1979-19771707","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}