It's a Wrap

Famed pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp with tips on swaddling your baby.
5:07 | 10/17/11

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So not -- babies is common in many cultures around the world wrapping your child that tightly in a blanket may help calm them down count. But is it safe here explain the safe way to slot -- your child is doctor Harvey Karp pediatrician and author. The happiness and baby on the block director -- such a pleasure to have you Lancaster ethnic princesses how many cultures around the -- -- model why -- -- so effective in calming babies. I'm for coming days and for helping them sleep -- the reason is because baby is the world is too big for them. In the -- this is how much movement they have so when they're born and they can move their arms too much then they -- themselves in the face and they wake themselves up so -- turns out to be the cornerstone of calming the baby and when you swaddled baby and use white noise all night long. You can usually right in the very beginning get an extra -- sleep at night. So I was a big fan of your book and I swaddled my baby from a -- that it was hard to figure out how to do it. And I was worried about the safety evidence -- should have been -- Well -- number one to learn how to do it it is a little tricky it's kind of like they had tell your shoelaces or ride a bike it's weird in the beginning but then it's. It's pretty is in fact that's what we made -- DVD. Which demonstrates while -- three different times so. Parents can learn especially dads can learn because -- You know it's kind of -- engineering jobs and you know it didn't and it got what kind of blanket should parents use. A big square blanket is one option that's usually what I use a big -- like 4344. Inch square blanket but there -- a lot of pre made blankets now that have velcro and zippers and things like that and those are just as effective sure those can be very effective. One thing I was reeling Evers about as a new mom was how tightly I should file because I knowing your book you say firmly is laudable -- how firmly. -- so it's his it's as tight as your waist band at the end of your pregnancy it's pretty snuck out and -- yeah. The key is for the arms to -- it's not because of the arms get out. Then actually makes them -- more. Not less so if you're -- to swallow you have to do it right with the -- snugly at the side. But -- hips and the legs are a little bit relaxed so that the -- can move. That's part of having -- 61 so. The arms being tied is the most essential thing in your other tabs receiving and helping your baby sleep to the five -- -- -- around -- are those. So the finances are five well what I -- Discovered in this -- -- -- work is that babies -- form with an off switch for crying -- the coming reflects an on switch for sleep. When you don't want to turn on that reflects you do five things to imitate the experience in the womb. They're called the five essence of that squabbling decider stomach position the back is only for sleep but -- -- stomach is the best position for coming crying. And then. Cherishing swinging the rhythmic motion something. -- okay. How long can you use these techniques on babies how long can you continue to swaddled. -- you should swallow for at least four months of age. So that they are not put themselves over to the stomachs -- keeps them in place when you put them down. White noise I recommend for at least a year of life to help them sleep through Q&A -- after four months is it no longer safe to swaddled the baby. Well so the safety issues have to do with several factors obviously you want to do everything that's safe for your baby -- is actually very safe because. He keeps them in the right position. And it allows you to sleep more one of the big mistakes or problems we're seeing now his parents are so exhausted. They carried the baby nine. And then they fall asleep on -- power which -- so far where they bring the baby in bed with emphasis are exhausted and that is clearly dangerous for baby in the first four months of so squabbling with the arms at the side you don't want -- overheat them. You don't want them on their stomachs. You don't want -- cover their heads because that allows them to lose heat from their bodies that they don't overheat. And and they want the -- to be loose enough so that the. It turned him and I remember when my baby just sort of busting out of this model is when -- -- -- LA so looking ahead once said at once a mom is done with -- -- face what can she do to help her house. Com and. -- -- -- -- So if your child's busting -- the swallowing it means you're not doing it right or your -- not big enough. Because -- other cultures the babies don't get out the squabbling and out of hand so so. And what confuses -- -- sometimes when you swaddled in that they be struggle against it. And you think my baby -- like -- when. But remember in the womb that's all the room they have so when you swaddled the baby even if your baby cries more. Then you add on the other passes for sleep it's especially the white noise all night long and we have a special CD of -- -- are lots of ways of giving them white north. But a special CD that you play all night long so once you have them out of the -- you continue the white noise for at least a year. Created thanks doctor Harvey Karp. -- is maybe on the block thanks so much for joining us thank is that.

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