Yoga for Fertility

Alternative treatment to help you conceive.
3:46 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Yoga for Fertility
Ticket defense and moon. I'm here with the director of the NYU fertility center's wellness program doctor Frederick -- -- -- -- party thank you so much for talking with us today. Help a little bit about the yoga for fertility program that you created. Well here at the -- -- fertility senator. We'd like to offer patients complimentary. Therapies that will enhance their experience as they come through their fertility treatments so one branch of that is. -- -- And doctor how big of a problem is infertility for women right now how big is the demand for -- Well infertility is very proud that approximately one in ten couples -- -- trying to become pregnant. Force. The older couple -- woman becomes. Those numbers even go higher and has the yoga and popular GOP spent -- each each of the arms has been very popular. We have great people here -- teachers we've really good teachers who are in -- of these programs and I think the patients identify with them well. They feel like they have their real fertility interest in mind -- and so those programs work very well for -- -- Okay. -- -- Tracy thank you so much for having us here in talking to a little bit about yoga for fertility tell us what is the thinking behind program. The thinking is that. Doing certain yoga poses. To increase blood circulation. To balance the hormones and to open up. All of the bodily systems is going to help a woman to become art or comments -- optional fertility -- -- what are some of the signature moves let's say have you for. On -- the warm months that remain commission into our what's called -- and have its hotly one of the most basic. Yoga moves an alliance the palace and the -- optimal position and and it warms the spine and I ultimately Argentinean mountains behind. And that helps you look at the time on sitting back and pockets to start to open up the flow in the pelvis to open up the pelvic -- to widen -- -- And it helps also to open -- president connects us that connection -- money -- here. Let your slowed down to delay and nothing followed by some standing poses -- also I mean just. Energetically they helped a woman to feel her own strength the -- are very. Strong hearts and -- money without being an upright position and having energy flowing down. The woman's killer on the strength and -- Eisner had some. We -- a lot of historians -- that's actually usually on the happily. Restorative -- sort of hoses and he knows that you using props. But different kinds of money in their legs of the Walt close our legs up on a chair and I helps to calm the body and -- another post called the goddess. And it is a woman is sort of aligned like a cleaner and got us on -- with her pelvis very open her -- very open in the same thing -- scared of it is too. Increase circulation heart monitor. In a way that outlines the -- and last. To just -- in a tranquil relaxed state. -- I think can openers like. Pigeon -- hoods and that opens the pelvic floor on the front side opens the hit the back.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Alternative treatment to help you conceive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14877135","title":"Yoga for Fertility","url":"/Health/video/yoga-fertility-14877135"}