You Are What Color You Eat

Dietitian Julia Zumpano says certain foods can influence our pigmentation.
1:44 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for You Are What Color You Eat
Food fanatic -- -- fact your -- skin pigmentation. Our foods that are good sources carotene -- -- -- carrots and apricots. So that this can be absorbed in the body in fact cells and then. -- show up in this skin pigmentation making your skin look a little bit more. -- -- -- So these food source is. -- don't necessarily need to be restricted. Toxic levels of -- is very very rare and almost difficult to attain. Given how much you really have to do ingested -- gap that toxic level. But there's no research that really shows that there is a negative -- active eating. Normal levels of these foods. Specifically. That care it's an apricot to have the higher level carotene. Pigments from other vegetables don't tend to change -- -- Pigmentation -- that -- we see it more so from the carotene. Carotene does though -- A source of vitamin a it in his vitamin a and vitamin a can really help. Vision and that Nightline menace. Also helps immunity so helps your protector body from developing things like colds or flu symptoms. It's a good it's a source of an aunt in antioxidants which help protect the lining of your -- So how can ward off -- illnesses and cancer so there are several bad ethics to eating vegetables. And specifically vegetables -- -- sources carotene.

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{"id":15873230,"title":"You Are What Color You Eat","duration":"1:44","description":"Dietitian Julia Zumpano says certain foods can influence our pigmentation.","url":"/Health/video/zupano-julia-dietitian-diet-nutrition-food-pigmentation-skin-color-15873230","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}