Italian doctors, dentists not fully vaccinated are suspended

Italy's federation of physicians and dentists says some 1,900 members have been suspended from the national professional group because they haven't complied with a law requiring them to be completely vaccinated, including having a booster shot

ROME -- Some 1,900 Italian doctors and dentists have been suspended from the country's professional association because they haven’t complied with a law requiring them to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including having a booster shot.

Health care workers must receive the booster in order to be fully compliant, according to a law decreed by the Italian government last month.

Suspending the unvaccinated from the doctor's professional federation “isn't meant to be punitive,” Anelli said. “The aim is, as the law says, to protect public health and maintain adequate conditions of safety in providing care.”

To honor the sacrifice that Italy's doctors have made in caring for COVID-19 patients, the federation lists the names of all of its members who have died from the virus, which so far includes 366 names.


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