Mexico reports 947 more COVID deaths, 2nd highest daily toll

Mexico has confirmed 947 more COVID-19 deaths

The Health Department said the country has seen a total of 24,324 deaths so far.

The number of confirmed cases rose by 5,437. The case load has increased by about 5,000 each day in the last two weeks, and the total now stands at 186,847.

Mexican officials have repeatedly predicted the peak of the pandemic had been reached, or would do so soon, only to be proved wrong.

The Health Department's epidemiology director, José Luis Alomía, used almost comically couched language Wednesday, saying the country is on “a slight tendency that may insinuate a descent” in infections.

Because the case load continues so high, authorities have had to delay planned re-openings of theaters and concert halls.

Mexico City once had drive-ins, but most closed years ago. One company resumed outdoor screenings in 2011.