Woman Searches for Birth Mom 28 Years After She Was Abandoned at Hospital

PHOTO:Andrea Klug-Napier hopes to find her birth mother, who abandoned her in a hospital after she was born.Courtesy Andrea Klug-Napier
Andrea Klug-Napier hopes to find her birth mother, who abandoned her in a hospital after she was born.

A Colorado woman hopes to find her birth mother 28 years after she was left as a newborn at a Idaho hospital.

Andrea Klug-Napier, 28, posted a picture on her Facebook page asking for help tracking down her biological mother. Klug-Napier wrote in a post that she was born at Kootenai Hospital in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1987. She said her mother, identified only as "Amy Beach" by hospital staff, left the facility 12 hours after Klug-Napier was born. Nurses at the hospital called Klug-Napier "Baby Girl Beach" because she wasn't given a name.

Klug-Napier, who works as a medical assistant, said she was adopted 12 weeks after her birth and grew up with loving parents, who have only been supportive about her search.

"My whole life I’ve been so loved by my parents who adopted me. I never really pursued looking for [my birth mother]," she explained.

Klug-Napier said health concerns are the reason she's searching for her birth mom.

"I have really bad food allergies, and I want to know if there’s any relation, just to know [some] medical history," she said.

After the local news did a story on Klug-Napier, she said she has been inundated by tips and calls with people hoping to reunite her with her mother.

"I have people saying, 'Is this her? You look like someone I know,'" she said. "I literally have 150 friend requests pending right now. All these messages are coming through."

Klug-Napier said she's not looking for another parent and just wants to have a conversation with her birth mother. She may even learn that she has a long-lost sibling.

"When she went to the hospital she said she had given birth one time before," said Klug-Napier. "Potentially there is a sibling out there. I grew up an only child. It would be cool to find out and connect with them."