'Workout Wednesday' on 'GMA': Tracy Anderson Leads Dance Cardio Workout

Anderson is leading a high-calorie-burning workout!

Anderson appeared today on “Good Morning America” to kick off “Workout Wednesday.” In the new series, top fitness personalities lead workouts that are live-streamed on GoodMorningAmerica.com every Wednesday morning.

Watch the video to join the workout! Tune in every Wednesday starting at 8 a.m., ET, for a new workout with a top fitness personality!

Read below for all you need to know about the “Workout Wednesday” workout!




1) Take full advantage of the summer heat and turn off your air conditioning during your workout. Working out in heat and humidity is healthy for your muscles, joints and engagement.

2) Always remember not to judge yourself or others during your workout. Your emotional self is going to try and get you out of your workout every chance it can get until you work up the self-confidence to actually enjoy the workout. Start slow but show up each day to learn and get better so you can execute a full workout sooner rather than later.

Bonus: Tracy's Tips to Maximize Your Workout Burn

1) Take advantage of summer's farm fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the time to get your palate back to nature so that you can make healthy choices all year. Start with fruits first. They digest faster than anything!

2) Buy organic if you can.

3) It's great to have a healthy salad with lean proteins ready to enjoy after your workout. Your body likes to be moved, nourished and rested. The more regular you are with that practice the more your body trusts it's being looked after and it becomes balanced itself.

4) Stay away from sugary drinks during your workout.

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