Identity of Buyer of Kate Middleton's Sheer Dress Revealed

Meet the man who paid over $125,000 for a piece of royal history.

March 18,2011—, 2011 -- The world was stunned yesterday when the infamous see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton was sold at auction for more than $125,000. But what left everyone scratching his head was the identity of the man who paid that hefty sum.

The dress was purchased by a buyer known only as "Nick from Jersey."

Today, "Nick from Jersey's" true identity was finally revealed.

David Gainsborough-Roberts, a retired investment banker and famous memorabilia collector, told BBC Radio Jersey that his nephew, Nicky Roberts, purchased the piece of royal history.

"Miss Middleton is probably going to be the next Queen of England, and so therefore it is of historical importance," Gainsborough-Roberts said. "Probably more important than Queen Victoria's bloomers, which I have in my collection."

Gainsborough-Roberts was responsible for peaking his nephew's interest in Middleton's dress, having shown it to him in the auction catalogue.

He assures the purchase was made for a good cause. The dress will be sold to "raise money for charity."