Kate Middleton's See-Through Dress Sold

March 17, 2011— -- Owning a piece of royal wedding history can be quite expensive. The infamous see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton at a St. Andrews University fashion show was sold today at auction for 78,000 pounds, approximately $125,000.

The auction price, which includes a 20 percent buyers' premium, was originally expected to only fetch 8,000 pounds.

The dress was purchased by an unnamed male buyer on site on behalf of an individual he would only name as "Nick from Jersey."

"He thinks it's an iconic piece and is very happy with the purchase," the buyer told members of the press.

Charlotte Todd, the dress designer, made the dress out of gossamer-fine black and gold silk threads for a design school project called "the art of seduction."

Many believe that this dress played a critical role in sparking the royal romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Said Todd: "Whether Kate knew what she was doing on that night, we'll never know. But I think she did. And I hope that she chose my dress to bag her prince."