Prince William and Kate Middleton: Squared

March 31, 2011, 12:59 PM

March 31, 2011— -- Didn't get an invite to the royal wedding? You can now go visit the next best thing -- Legoland's miniature Buckingham Palace, where a scene of Kate Middleton and Prince William's nuptials has just been added.

The adorable display shows off the handiwork of Legoland's model makers. A blushing bride -- made of the plastic blocks we spent our childhoods playing with -- is even wearing gloves and a veil. Her groom, Prince William, is clad in military uniform.

As the royal couple stands at the gates of the Lego Buckingham Palace, they are surrounded by hundreds of Lego guests, including some of the confirmed attendees of the Royal Wedding. Included among the miniature guests are David and Victoria Beckham, Paul McCartney and Elton John. There are even a few Lego paparazzi poised to get pictures of the couple.

Each tiny brick model takes up to two hours to complete and can be made of up to thirty plastic pieces. Many of the Lego miniatures contain details that make them instantly recognizable, like Prince Harry's ginger hair, Victoria Beckham's baby bump, and the Sergeant Pepper outfit that Paul McCartney sports.

Legoland (which also has theme parks in Florida and California) is just a few miles from Windsor Castle, and hopes to attract visitors for its 15th anniversary with the newly finished Royal Wedding display.

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