Picking Flowers for Kate Middleton's Bouquet

March 15, 2011— -- When Kate Middleton walks down the aisle at Westminster Abbey we are sure to find a lavish bouquet in her hands.

Princess Diana chose a cascading bouquet that stood nearly 4 feet tall, while Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, opted for a more modest 'S' shaped bouquet.

So what would be the perfect arrangement of flowers for this future princess?

With both Prince William and Kate Middleton's personal styles and passions, coupled with royal traditions in mind, Organic Bouquet floral designer Randy Lowe has rounded up some ideal choices for the royal arrangements.

White lilies are at the top of the list. They are said to be Kate Middleton's favorite flower. The white lily symbolizes purity, modesty, virginity and majesty.

Another leading contender? White daffodils. It is the national symbol of Wales and represents Prince William's status as heir to the British throne.

"Every traditional royal wedding bouquet will have a sprig of myrtle," says Organic Bouquet's CEO Robert McLaughlin, "a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840."

Kenya holds a special place in the heart of the royal couple as it is where the future King asked for Kate's hand in marriage. Could white Fairtrade Roses from Kenya also make the cut and join the royal arrangement?

McLaughlin also expects to see David Austin roses in the wedding. David Austin is a world-renown English rose breeder with 900 varieties of roses available including climbers and cut roses. A fitting tribute, perhaps, to Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, who was known as the English Rose.

It's been estimated that the entire flower budget for this royal wedding could reach as high as £1 million.