Prince William Addresses NZ Earthquake Survivors

March 18, 2011— -- Tens of thousands of people gathered together in Hagley Park in Christchurch where Prince William paid tribute to the victims of one of New Zealand's most destructive earthquakes. In his speech at the memorial service, the prince told the crowd they were "an inspiration to all people."

"I say it to you now, kia kaha, be strong," he said.

Prince William has seen firsthand the damage the earthquake caused in Christchurch, spending his tour visiting sites around the city and surrounding suburbs and thanking rescue workers.

"My grandmother once said that grief is the price we pay for love," Prince William said at the memorial service. "Here today we love and we grieve."

Before the prince spoke, the crowd watched large screens in silence as a video showed previously unseen footage of the devastated downtown area. Nearly a month after the quake, no one is allowed to enter downtown, which they now call the red zone.

The Prince also sent his prayers to Japan, following last week's massive earthquake and tsunami, telling those gathered that "this community more than any other in the world can appreciate the full horror of what is unfolding in Japan."

Prince William is now going to Australia to meet with families and survivors of the major floods in Queensland and Victoria.