Sign Off: William and Kate's Signatures

Prince William and Kate Middleton signed a book of condolence for the victims of the recent New Zealand earthquake today, and gave us a glimpse at their royal signatures.

Notice William only signs his first name. While Kate signs her full name, Catherine, and follows it with a period.

Graphologist and author of the book 'Finding Mr. Write – a New Slant on Selecting the Perfect Mate,' Beverley East, analyzed the royal couple's handwriting.

The right slanting of Kate's signature implies that the future princess is ruled by her heart, East says. Kate is also an analytical thinker, something East can tell from the formation of the n's and m in Miss Middleton's first and last name. But Prince William better beware, that period at the end of his fiance's autograph means she loves to have the last word.

Prince William's vertical signature suggests that he is a logical and practical person who is ruled by his head. East notes how the final letter m in William's signature crosses underneath his name, a sign that he is self reliant. The future king is well suited for a life of leadership, the slightly different height of the two letter l's indicates he is tactful at all times, a total diplomat.