Royal Wedding Eve: Will and Kate's Swan Song

On the eve of his wedding, Prince William plans to have a quiet dinner with his immediate family -- Prince Charles, Camilla and his best man, Prince Harry.

A St. James's Palace spokesman tells The Mirror, "The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be having a private dinner with Prince William and Prince Harry on Thursday evening at Clarence House."

When the princes and their dad and step-mum sit down for dinner at Clarence House, their official London home, preparations should be finished for the big day.

Meanwhile, Kate and her family will be having their own private meal very close by, at the exclusive Goring Hotel. The Middletons have rented a five-bedroom, $1,725-a-night suite for Thursday. Queen Victoria's framed silk bridal gown and tiara are usually displayed in the suite's wardrobe, but have been removed for fear it will give Kate pre-wedding jitters, reports The Daily Mail. To combat jitters and hoopla, Kate will prepare for her wedding day surrounded by her supportive and close-knit family.

Before their own family meal, Charles and Camilla will attend a reception at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park. This pre-wedding event will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth's cousin, Lady Elizbeth Anson and will be attended by invited British and foreign royals and wedding guests. Charles and Camilla will make an appearance for pre-dinner drinks, and then slip out for some quality time with their sons.