Kate Middleton's Parents to Profit From Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton's family cashing in on her royal connections.

Feb. 16, 2011 — -- Chances are you're not going to receive an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. So why not throw your own celebration in their honor? Of course, you'll need plates, and napkins, and party paraphernalia. Good thing Kate Middleton's parents run a party supply company.

The Middletons could make good money from the marriage of their daughter, Kate, to the future king of England. Their mail order firm, Party Pieces, has released a line of British street party products to coincide with the nuptials. Street parties are a century-old British tradition, thrown to celebrate national events, such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. Street party planners can buy a range of products on the Middleton's website, from bunting to balloons to bowler hats.

According to the Daily Mail, Carole and Michael Middleton are very aware that the Queen would disapprove of their cashing in on Kate's royal connections. Last year, the couple took some heat for posting an article on the Party Pieces website that said, "Every little girl dreams of being a princess."

None of the items sold feature any reference to or image of Prince William or Kate. But a few have what looks like an image of the Queen.