Will Kate Say 'Yes' to More Than One Dress?

After all, Chelsea Clinton had more than one dress on her wedding day.

ByABC News
March 15, 2011, 3:43 PM

March 15, 2011— -- Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton did it, as did singer Carrie Underwood: They both wore more than one dress on their wedding days.

So, have we been asking the wrong question these past few months? Perhaps we should be focusing on which "dresses" Kate will wear on her big day.

This brings us back to square one. Just when we thought we were getting somewhere with our sartorial speculation (rumor has it Sarah Burton is designing the dress) now it seems we have a whole other dress to ponder.

So, why are women opting for multiple bridal wear?

Traditional wedding gowns are so large and elaborate (think Diana) that some brides are opting to change into a more "dance-worthy cocktail dress for the party after," Denise Wash, a marketing vice president for bridal dressmaker Alfred Angelo, told Bloomberg News.

Click here to see some of Burton's designs. If Kate chooses one of these, we might understand her need to change into something more "dance-worthy."

After all, the princess-to-be can't be restricted, she has to be able to bop to ABBA.