Royal Wedding: A Passion For High Street Fashion

VIDEO: Kate Nicholl on the guest list and how Princess Diana factors in on the big
WATCH Royal Diary: Who's on Prince William's Guest List?

Royal author Katie Nicholl says Prince Harry has put in a guest list request to his older brother:

"Harry is said to want to have his on-again off-again girlfriend Chelsea also be given a spot at the nuptials."

Speculation over the guest list continues. Word has it Fergie will be invited to the service after all, but not to the celebrations at Buckingham Palace afterwards.

In regards to where the newly married couple will live, Nicholl has predictions on this front too:

"Word now, Prince William may have chosen Kensington Palace for their London residence, his childhood home."

Kensington Palace is best known as the previous home of Princess Diana.

Whether Kate will want to live in Diana's former home is still to be seen. But one thing we can be sure of is that comparisons between Prince William's mother and his fiancé will continue.

"She doesn't want to be Diana," Lucy Yeoman, Editor-in-Chief of Harpers Bazaar, told ABC News. "If she tried to compete with her it would be an absolute disaster."

Diana's emotions were reflected through her dress sense. It's early still, but so far Kate has been very private and her fashion sense has been low-key and traditional.

"Diana's attitude to fashion was it really reflected what she was feeling at the time" said Yeoman. "It was almost like a soap opera taking place in this series of dresses she would wear."

For example, when Prince Charles gave that famous interview about his relationship with Camilla, Diana turned up at a party in a stunning black dress.

"She turned up at the Serpentine party in this incredible off the shoulder black cocktail dress which has since been known as the revenge dress," said Lucy Yeoman.

Kate, on the other hand, has favored high street fashion over high couture. Like Michelle Obama, she has been making affordable fashion choices.

"I love the fact that she surprised us all by choosing to wear a £100 ($150) dress from Reiss for her Big Big moment, her engagement picture," said Harpers Bazaar Editor in Chief, Lucy Yeoman.

And for the wedding dress?

"I think she will go for something much more pared down, more simple," says Yeoman, "but in a very elegant sort of sleek way."

"In this country she is the first royal to really embrace the high street. Our First Lady, Samantha Cameron is another person who really manages to mix really interesting pieces from the high street and mix with British designers."

Samantha Cameron's doing it, Michelle Obama's doing it, so why shouldn't Britain's princess in waiting embrace affordable fashion?