Artist Transforms Ukrainian Lenin Statue Into Darth Vader Monument

The artist claims he has created the world's first monument to Darth Vader.

The artist responsible for the metamorphosis, Alexandr Milov, was born in the Soviet Union, and first grew to international prominence after constructing a popular installation at this year's Burning Man festival. His Vader sculpture comes in response to the so called "de-Communisation" law passed by the Ukrainian parliament in April 2015, which calls for the removal of Communist symbols across the country.

"The bronze Lenin was left inside, so that the grateful or not-so-grateful descendants could exhume him if needed," Milov told Ukraine Today.

Milov strengthened the original monument, added a titanium alloy helmet and cape, and even inserted a Wi-Fi router into Vader's head, according to statements made by the artist.

"I wanted to make a symbol of American pop culture which appears to be more durable than the Soviet ideal," he told the BBC.