Bride and Groom Pose in Deserted Brussels Street Amid High Terror Threat

The heavy police presence is ongoing in Brussels as police carry out raids.

— -- After a maximum terror threat level was issued in Brussels and the surrounding region Saturday, many city streets were suddenly deserted, other than the presence of increased law enforcement.

But one couple didn't let the empty streets stop them from celebrating their wedding.

This photo, by Joris Marseille, shows the bride and groom posing -- with an armed guard on each side -- as the bride clutched a bouquet and the groom held an umbrella over their heads. Marseille wrote, "This will definitely be a day to remember."

On Saturday, Belgian Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders said Belgian authorities were looking for individuals with weapons and explosives.

"The threat is imminent, precise," Reynders said on Belgian television network RTL. "We're talking about possible attacks by several individuals, heavily armed, so obviously in parallel we are looking for one and more individuals with weapons, explosives."

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said Saturday that there was a threat "of attacks with arms and explosives that could be launched in several locations at the same time." Michel added the decision to raise the alert level was made based on "rather precise" information.

Michel said the suspected possible targets included malls, shopping centers and public transportation.

On Sunday, police cordoned off several streets around the Grand Place square in Brussels and tense cops and soldiers hurried to set up roadblocks and barriers and to move people off the streets and sidewalks.

Some frantic police pointed guns and shouted as they tried to keep the streets clear.

The area that was cordoned off includes hotels and a police station. Guests of some hotels were advised, but not required, to stay inside.

Outside the cordoned off areas, people were able to move freely, but very few people were on the streets.

Sunday's significant lockdown lasted for about three to four hours before it was scaled back. While the heavy police and military presence remained, a few of the major streets were reopened to limited traffic and some side streets were reopened to foot traffic.

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