Coalition and Syrian rebel forces repel ISIS attack on base

VIDEO: Syrian airfield hit by US missiles up and running
WATCH Syrian airfield hit by US missiles up and running again

Coalition and Syrian rebel forces repelled a fierce ISIS attack Saturday night on their base in a remote area of Syria close to the Jordanian border.

"Coalition Forces and partnered Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) forces repelled an ISIS attack targeting a partnered military base in southern Syria April 8," said a statement released by Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition.

"ISIS initiated the attack on the An Tanf Garrison with a VBIED (car bomb) and 20-30 ISIS fighters followed with a ground assault and suicide vests," according to the statement.

"Coalition and partnered forces defended against the ISIS attack with direct fire before destroying enemy assault vehicles and the remaining fighters with multiple Coalition airstrikes," the statement said.

An Tanf is located in a remote area of southeast Syria about 10 miles north of the border with Jordan and close to Iraq's western border.

"In Southern Syria, VSO forces focus on conducting operations to clear ISIS from the Hamad Desert and have been instrumental in countering the ISIS threat in southern Syria and maintaining security along the Syria-Jordan border," the coalition statement said.

The statement did not identify the nationality of the coalition forces that helped defend the an Tanf garrison during the attack, but historically the base has housed British special operations forces that train and advise local Syrian fighters to fight ISIS.

The coalition response to the attack on the partnered base at an Tanf was described on social media Saturday evening.