Cute Koala on Stop Sign Lends Helping Paw to Traffic Police

Patrols had "bearly" started their shift when the little fella was spotted.

— -- An adorable koala recently lent a helping hand -- er, paw -- to traffic control officers in southern Australia.

"Patrols had 'bearly' started their shift" when they spotted the "potential recruit helping out with traffic control overnight," the South Australia Police wrote on Facebook. The koala was clinging to a stop sign this past Wednesday.

The sign was at the bottom of the South-Eastern Freeway in Glen Osmond, Australia, according to police.

"After a brief chat, he was escorted back up the bank and safely up a tree," police said. "Before he left, he told police that he and his friends often cross the road by the Tollgate and asked for motorists to keep an eye out for them.

The friendly koala also "re-paw-ted" to police that koalas are marsupials, police said.

The "re-paw-t" was duly "noted!" police added.