Cyclist Miraculously Survives Being Hit by Train Going 90 MPH

The 26-year-old left with only minor injuries and a police fine, officials said.

Heart-stopping CCTV footage of the near-death encounter shows the bike rider, who Polish police said ignored a red light and boom gate, barreling towards the tracks when a train seemingly smashes right into him.

Footage from the other side of the train reveals the biker ricocheted off the train, tumbling through the air and landing onto a nearby heap of rocks.

The incredible event happened on Nov. 5, but Poland's national railway company only released the video Wednesday as "a lesson in how not to cross the tracks", said Miroslaw Siemieniec, a spokesman for Polskie Koleje Panstwowe, according to the BBC.

The cyclist escaped with only minor injuries and a $180 fine from police for ignoring the red light and boom gate the railway crossing, Siemieniec said.

The train was delayed for 40 minutes as a result of the accident, Siemieniec added.