Godzilla Becomes an Official Resident of Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo

An “official” special residency certificate was approved by the mayor.

TOKYO — -- Godzilla is now officially a Tokyoite.

The ward office has drawn up an “official” special residency certificate approved by the mayor and adorned with Shinjuku’s authentic seal.

According to the document, Godzilla was born Nov. 3, 1954, and now resides in Shinjuku’s famous entertainment district known as Kabukicho. The monster’s official duties include watching over Kabukicho and drawing in visitors from around the world.

The ward office has distributed 3,000 copies of the certificate to fans. Shinjuku is home to the city’s largest collection of skyscrapers as well as the busiest train station in the world.

Godzilla has a checkered past when it comes to it’s relationship with Japanese cities. The fictional fire-breathing lizard has sometimes acted as a destroyer and at other times has been a protector.

In April, Shinjuku had appointed Godzilla as “tourism ambassador” in hopes of luring tourists to the area. Tokyo residents can only hope the monster remains benevolent and doesn’t return to its destructive ways.