An Inside Look at Westerners Stranded at Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh Airport

About 20,000 British tourists are stranded in Egypt's resort town.

— -- Westerners, including approximately 20,000 British tourists, were stranded in Egypt's resort town of Sharm el Sheikh and airport, several days after the United Kingdom announced an indefinite suspension Wednesday on flights to and from the city in the wake of a deadly jet crash there.

Many are frustrated and trying to get home. British Ambassador to Egypt John Casson visited the airport to make a statement, calling it "exceptional circumstances." But added, "we've made progress."

Carla Dublin, from West London, wasn't happy with the answers Casson gave him and confronted him.

Dublin said she was set to leave today, and now she's told no flights are coming in.

"Why all of a sudden has everything been on hold?" she said.

The investigation into what caused the Russian jet to crash after takeoff last weekend is ongoing, but British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said late Wednesday that there was a "significant possibility" the crash was caused by a bomb.

British officials also announced that the country was suspending flights to and from the Sinai resort city indefinitely.

Today, Egyptian authorities said a bomb is the most "plausible" reason for the crash, and Russia decided to halt all flights to Egypt.

Security at the Sharm el Sheikh Airport has also been heightened this week in the wake of the investigation.