Mom of Washington Post Reporter Jailed in Iran, 'We Always Have Hope'

The family of a jailed Washington Post reporter calls for his release in Iran.

"Jason has done nothing wrong," Jason Rezaian's mother, Mary Rezaian, told ABC News. "This type of detention is hurting him, it’s hurting his family, we want him on bail released with his family."

According to his lawyer, Rezaian, 39, has been held for the past 355 days and faces charges of espionage and spreading propaganda against the Iranian government.

He has denied the accusations, and American officials, along with the Washington Post and activist groups, have slammed what they have described as Rezaian's unlawful detention.

A third hearing in his trial was held Monday, though his mother said the family was unable to go into the court and speak with him.

Meanwhile, another deadline is approaching Monday night for world powers looking to negotiate a historic deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for a rollback in sanctions.

“I wish Jason was out so he could cover this wonderful story of Iran and the U.S.,” Mary Rezaian said.

Rezaian's Iranian wife, Yeganeh Salehi, who is forbidden to speak to the media, stood alongside Rezaian's mother, crying.