Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran Would Use Sanction Relief to Bolster 'Terror Machine'

PHOTO: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on This WeekPlayABC News
WATCH Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that the agreement reached over Iran's controversial nuclear weapons program is a "bad deal" and asserted that Iran would use the relief from sanctions currently imposed to bolster its military operations and what Netanyahu called its "terror machine."

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"It leaves Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. It lifts the sanctions on them fairly quickly and enables them to get billions of dollars into their coffers. They're not going to use it for schools or hospitals or roads," Netanyahu told ABC's Martha Raddatz on "This Week."

"They're going to use it to pump up their terror machine worldwide and their military machine that is busy conquering the Middle East now," he added.

The United States, along with five partner countries, reached an agreement with Iran this week over its nuclear program following negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Final details are slated to be decided by June, but the framework deal dictates that Iran will be given relief from sanctions in return for rolling back aspects of its controversial nuclear program.