Two Men in Joss Stone Robbery Plot Appear in Court

Men had samurai sword, bodybag in car near Joss Stone's home.

June 16, 2011 — -- The two men accused of plotting to rob and harm British singer Joss Stone appeared in court today and were ordered to be held in jail until their next hearing on July 1.

On Monday, 30-year-old Junior Bradshaw and 33-year-old Kevin Liverpool were found in a red car near the home of Joss Stone with a samurai sword, bodybag and detailed notes about the layout of Stone's home.

The 24-year-old singer is worth nearly $15 million and it appears her wealth and fame made her a target. Stone's home is in Cullompton, 175 miles southwest of London.

The kidnapping plot was foiled when neighbors became suspicious of the men and officers swooped in and arrested them. In the men's car, officers also found a rope and maps of the area.

It's unclear if Stone was at her home on Monday.

"I'd like to thank everyone for their concern," she said in a statement. "But I'm absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal.

Joss Stone Was Allegedly Robbery Target

Stone rose to stardom as a teenager. Her debut album, "The Soul Sessions," went multi-platinum. She's a Grammy winner and has sold 11 million albums worldwide. She is friends with Prince William and was invited to his wedding to Kate Middleton. She also sang at a concert honoring the late Princess Diana.

Despite the fame and fortune, Stone keeps a low profile and still lives in the same village where she grew up.

"I'm outraged. I went to school with Joss Stone. I live locally. To hear something like that is shocking, you know what I mean. Especially around here, you don't get much of that sort of thing," said one man.

Police said that despite the sword, body bag and detailed notes, nothing was actually taken from Stone's home and no one was harmed. But police are taking no chances. Security remains tight around the singer's home.

The two men face charges of conspiracy to commit robbery and grievous bodily harm. They will remain detained until their next hearing in July.

Stone embarks on a European tour next month.