Malaysia Airlines Towelette Found On Western Australia Beach

Is it the first piece of evidence from missing flight MH370?

The package was found by a couple strolling the beach near the town of Cervantes, Nine News reports.

Kingsley and Vicki Miller found the package on July 2 of last year, nearly four months after the plane vanished, but news of the discovery was not publicly reported until today.

They reported the discovery to the local police who handed it over to the Joint Agency Coordination Center which is handling the investigation into the missing plane.

No photos of the actual packet the Millers discovered has been release,d but they showed an example of the type of moist towelette that they said matched their find.

A spokesman for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau confirmed their discovery to the Sydney Morning Herald, though urged caution.

"It is unlikely, however, that such a common item with no unique identifier could be conclusively linked with MH370," he said.

The one year anniversary of the disappearance of the plane has renewed speculation about the aircraft's location and presumed crash site.

“I'm pretty comfortable with the satellite hits that we have now,” he told ABC News. “There’s pretty solid evidence that we have now of the airplane heading due south and the last satellite hit."