McDonald's New Hamburglar Looks a Lot Like This Famous Hockey Player

Coincidentally, the hockey player's nickname is also "The Hamburglar."

— -- The McDonald's Hamburglar is back for the first time on national television in over a decade, and the transformed character is now a "suburban dad," according to the fast food chain.

The hockey player actually commented on the likeness today, tweeting, "Finding it a little weird that [McDonald's] is bringing the hamburglar back and he looks like my twin."

Hammond made headlines last March when he caught a hamburger that a fan tossed him after winning a game.

Following the toss and Hammond's success this past season, he received a card allowing him to get free McDonald's food for life, the Ottawa Sun reported.

Despite all the ways Hammond seems to be connected to McDonald's and the Hamburglar, the fast food chain said the new Hamburglar in their new "Sirloin Third Pound Burgers" commercial is not Hammond.

"We're a fan of Andrew's and respect his skills, but no, there's no connection," McDonald's public relations director Lisa McComb told ABC News today.