How Moscow Deals With Its Snow

PHOTO: A municipal worker watches as a truck empties snow removed from Moscows roads at a snow-melting station in Moscow, Russia, Jan. 15, 2016. PlayPavel Golovkin/AP Photo
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The American East Coast, especially the Washington D.C. area and everywhere below, can be notoriously bad at handling large amounts of snow. Even a few inches has been known to cause traffic chaos and school closures. This weekend's snowstorm is expected to hit this part of the country the hardest, and experts have predicted "historic" snow flurries.

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The US can learn a lot about how to deal with snow from other countries, especially ones known for their significant snowfall and brutal winters. BBC Correspondent Steve Rosenberg takes viewers through the process of how Moscow deals with being blanketed in white during the winter without shutting down the entire Russian capital.

Have you ever wondered where all that snow goes? The powder and ice is gathered up into a basin in the back of a large dump-truck type of vehicle by what are called "golden hands." These hands are able to pick up snow and deposit it in the back as the truck drives through the city streets, essentially vacuuming up the roads of snow. When the snow is loaded up on the back of the truck it is taken to another part of the city to be disposed. Snow is mixed in with sewage water, cleaned, and then finally added to the Moscow River.