Mystery of 'Gold Artifact' That Stumped Israeli Archaeologists Solved by Facebook User in Italy

The object was found in a archaeological site at a Jerusalem cemetery.

The authority took to its Facebook page Tuesday, to ask the public's help in identifying the eight-pound, golden object's purpose. The item has left its archaeologists stumped for months.

Among the hundreds of speculations were "a cattle insemination instrument, an implement for rolling dough, pieces of industrial machinery, watches, an object used for massage and cultic objects used in the Temple," the authority said on Facebook.

However, only Micah Barak, a user from Italy, had the right answer, according to the government organization.

The golden object wasn't an ancient artifact at all, but actually a New Age energy healing device currently manufactured in Germany, the authority said. It added that the device is called an "Isis Beamer," named after the Egyptian "goddess of healing, magic and nature."

Barak "identified the object as a device that is supposed to provide 'energetic protection' and is designed for use by naturopaths and those involved in New Age energy healing," the authority said on Facebook.