North Korean and South Korean Gymnasts Snap Selfie Together at Rio Olympics

PHOTO: Lee Eun-Ju, right, of South Korea, takes a selfie picture with Hong Un Jong of North Korea.PlayDylan Martinez/Reuters
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Two young athletes from neighboring countries that have been political enemies for more than 60 years snapped a selfie together in Rio, in a photo many say captures the spirit of the Olympic Games.

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Lee Eun-Ju, 17, of South Korea, flashes a smile and a peace sign while leaning in to fellow gymnast Hong Un Jong, 27, of North Korea, who also smiles for the pic.

The photo temporarily brings together the people of North and South Korea, albeit in a selfie.

Political scientist Ian Bremmer re-posted the photo on his Twitter page, and it has since garnered more than 20,000 re-tweets and 20,000 likes.

"Gymnasts from North & South Korea take a selfie together. This is why we do the Olympics," Bremmer wrote in his caption.

Tensions between North Korea and South Korea have been especially high recently, as North Korea tested out a ballistic missile last week, which launched into the Sea of Japan.

Many on social media hailed this photo while others worried for the safety of the North Korean gymnast upon returning home.