Paris Attacks: French President Hollande Calls on Country to Be 'Strong' in Face of 'Terrible Events'

Dozens of people have reportedly been killed in coordinated attacks.

Hollande was at the city's soccer stadium when three explosions went off there during a match against Germany. He was quickly escorted from the building and later made a public address.

"France needs to be strong, and the state needs to be strong, will be," he said.

The French government has since released a photo of the moment when Hollande was informed about the attacks, with the document and the face of his aide blurred before it was released.

In addition to ordering a state of emergency, Hollande said that he decided to close the country's borders "to make sure that those who've committed these crimes can be stopped if they're trying to leave this territory."

Roads within were also going to be closed per Hollande's instructions.

President Obama has also made a statement of the attacks, calling it a "heartbreaking situation."

Hollande was due to attend the G20 summit in Turkey on Monday but he has since confirmed that he will not be attending.