Passenger suffers burns after cell phone catches fire on plane

An Air Canada flight was preparing for takeoff when a cell phone caught fire.

March 01, 2018, 3:51 PM

— -- A cell phone caught fire on an Air Canada flight Thursday morning leaving a woman with burns, according to an Air Canada spokesperson.

Air Canada flight 101 was preparing to depart from Toronto-Pearson Airport around 7 a.m. to Vancouver when the fire began, the spokesperson said.

“The fire was immediately extinguished by our crew and there was no damage to the aircraft, however, the owner of the phone suffered injuries and was treated by emergency services who attended the aircraft,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson was unable to confirm the injured person’s current condition.

There were 266 passengers on the plane at the time of the incident, it has since departed, according to Air Canada.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority confirmed their airport Fire and Emergency Services staff responded as a matter of precaution.

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