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  • Heads of state, distinguished guests and even subjects of Queen Elizabeth II bestow Her Majesty will all sorts of presents, including a whale tooth, a totem pole, and live animals.<br><br> Queen Elizabeth II receives a ceremonial basket from the regent of the Ankole tribe during a presentation of gifts at Entebbe airport in Uganda on April 30, 1954. It was the end of the royal couple's three day-visit to the colony.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II is given a whale's tooth aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia Oct. 30, 1982 after her arrival at Bau Island, Fiji. The gift was part of the welcoming ceremony of "cavuikelekele"--a formal invitation to land from the Fijian chiefs.
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  • During a visit to Peshawar, Pakistan in 1961, Pakistani tribesmen brought up four sacrificial sheep across red Bokhara carpets, to present them to Queen Elizabeth II.
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  • A 100-foot totem pole blocked the Staines-Winchester road on its arrival to the entrance of Windsor Great Park, June 22, 1958. It was a gift to Queen Elizabeth II from the people of British Columbia, Canada, to mark the province's 100th anniversary.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II looks over a porcelain set for twelve persons that she was given as a gift by the Royal Porcelain Factory on May 24, 1978, at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II holds a tray of local crafts that she was given during her state visit to Mexico in 1975.
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  • A grasshopper shaped wine-bottle cooler, which was a gift to the queen and Duke of Edinburgh from President and Mrs. Georges Pompidou in 1972, sits in Buckingham Palace in London, April 2002.
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  • A photo showing the detail of the handle of a sword that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by His Excellency the Ambassador of Yemen Mr. Abdulla Ali Al-Radhi, during a private meeting at Buckingham Palace, December 8,2010.
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  • The queen received a pair of mallard ducks, which are considered a traditional gift for visiting monarchs, during her trip to the Channel Islands, July 13, 2001.
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  • An employee of the Royal Collection Trust looks at the "Tree of Life," a gift presented to Queen Elizabeth II from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in 2015.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II with a Jersey cow she was presented with at the Country Show at Le Petit Catelet, Saint John, Jersey, June 27, 1978. An exotic range of live animals have been given to the queen as gifts over the years and have been placed in the care of London Zoo.
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  • The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid, presenting the queen with diamond and sapphire jewelry, and a solid gold sculpture of a camel and its calf standing beneath two palm trees. She visited the United Arab Emirates in February 1979.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II riding her horse, "Burmese," during the Horse Guards Parade, June 3, 1972. The horse was a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that was presented to her in 1969.
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  • Chief William P. Miles of the Pamunkey tribe presented Queen Elizabeth II a gift during her visit to the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Va., May 3, 2007. The gift was a replica of the Pocahontas cameo brooch and it was presented in a clam shell.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II with the hockey jersey that was given to her during her visit to Canada, July 5, 2010.
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  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II exchanges gifts with His Holiness, Pope Francis, during an audience in the pope's study on April 3, 2014 in Vatican City, Rome. The pope presented her with a replica of a decree dating from 1679 in which Pope Innocent XI extended the veneration of St. Edward the Confessor to the Universal Church.
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  • Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh received a painting of Villa Guardamangia, the house where she and Philip stayed as a young married couple. It was a gift from the Maltese President Marie Louise Coleiro, November 26, 2015.
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