Pope Francis visits Egypt just weeks after attacks on Coptic churches

The Pope's visit is aimed at addressing tensions between Christians and Muslims.

Although Pope Francis has eschewed the armored "popemobile" used by his predecessors on foreign trips, there was increased security around the sprawling capital as the pontiff’s Alitalia jet touched down. His historic two-day visit comes just two weeks after suicide bombings on two Christian churches killed at least 45 people in northern Egypt.

Ibrahim Morgan, a parishioner at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Cairo, told ABC News he now worries about his family when they attend church and feels his Christian community is caught in the fight against Islamic extremism.

"I pray for my country, for my government that they win this battle," Morgan said. "We cannot afford to lose this battle."

Morgan told ABC News he has faith in Francis, whom he called a "courageous" man.

"He is not afraid," Morgan said. "He is a man of peace and he is willing to die for it. That is very courageous."

After their meeting, Francis and Tawadros will preside over an ecumenical prayer service in St. Peter’s church in Cairo, the site of another suicide bombing ISIS claimed responsibility for. That attack killed dozens of Coptic worshippers during a Sunday mass in December. There, the two leaders will pray for victims of the recent attacks, according to the Vatican.

Francis will celebrate an outdoor mass on Saturday before returning to Vatican City.

ABC News’ Phoebe Natanson contributed to this report.