Roller coaster stalls, leaving dozens hanging midair

Passengers are rescued from the stopped Flying Dinosaur rollercoaster at Universal Studios Japan amusement park in Osaka.PlayKyodo News via AP
WATCH Roller coaster stalls with riders hanging

More than 60 thrill seekers were left hanging in midair for about two hours on Tuesday when a roller coaster stalled at a Universal Studios amusement park in western Japan.

Riders on the Flying Dinosaur were suspended upside down, some 100 feet off the ground, when the ride made a sudden emergency stop, according to local media reports.

The 64 passengers were safely removed by park staff through an emergency passage, according to NHK. There were no injuries were reported, but it took about two hours for the last passenger to be rescued.

Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, apologized for the incident and attributed the issue to a problem with one of the ride's sensors.

The ride, located in the amusement park's Jurassic Park-themed section, resumed operation after repairs and safety checks.