Prince George to Spend First Christmas With Queen Getting Funny Presents

Prince George will likely opt out of pheasant hunt but will receive funny gifts.

Dec. 10, 2013— -- It's baby's first Christmas for England's newest (and most important) royal infant.

Prince George celebrates his first Christmas this year with his parents and the rest of the royal family at an estate owned by his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

There the family gathers to eat, exchange presents, attend church and hunt, although Prince George's exact schedule and participation in activities (especially the hunting) has not been confirmed by the Palace.

The little prince, who was born in July, travels with parents William and Kate to the queen's estate at Sandringham, on England's east coast, on Christmas Eve, joining Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince Harry there.

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British tabloids have reported that Kate Middleton's parents, Carol and Michael Middleton, have been invited to this year's Christmas celebration, but ABC News' royal contributor Victoria Murphy said today that's likely not the case.

"I think this is extremely unlikely," Murphy said. "Royal Christmas is steeped in tradition, and there is absolutely no precedent for in-laws being invited for Christmas. William and Kate spent last Christmas with her family, and I think this year they will see the Middletons at a different point over the festive period, and probably for New Year's."

The family will gather around a Christmas tree to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve -- not Christmas morning -- according to tradition, Murphy said. Prince George will likely receive gifts from his family members, although traditionally, the royals only give one another small or humorous gifts, according Murphy. That means no Furby or Playstation for the heir to the throne -- at least not yet.

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"Legend has it that, despite having enough money to afford luxury gifts, the royal family instead gives each other joke presents," she said. "Perhaps Prince George will get something funny from his relatives. I also think he will be inundated with gifts from the public, just as he was when he was born. He is one lucky little prince!"

After the royals exchange presents they change into formal clothes for a black-tie dinner at Sandringham House, according to Murphy.

On Christmas Day, Prince George will go to church services with the whole group. Traditionally, members of the family walk to the nearby church, St. Mary of Magdalene, in Sandringham, while Queen Elizabeth drives.

"On Kate's first Christmas there were huge crowds," Murphy said. "The church service is broadcast on loud speakers to the people standing outside. Afterward the queen receives flowers from children, and members of the royal family stop to say hello to the crowds before going back to the house for lunch."

The family then has a big Christmas lunch and gathers to watch the queen's annual televised address to the nation at 3 p.m.

Finally, the royals celebrate Boxing Day on Dec. 26 by going on a pheasant hunt on Sandringham's grounds.