Failed Female Suicide Bomber Confesses on TV


Iraqi Woman Admits on TV to Jordan Attack

Iraqi woman says on state TV that she tried to blow herself up at Amman hotel along with husband. (AP)

Watch the Video (ABC News)

U.S. Held Iraqi With Same Name as Bomber

American forces last year detained and later released an Iraqi with a name that matched one of three suicide bombers who struck Amman hotels, killing 57 people, the U.S. military said Monday. (AP)


UN Investigator Rejects Syrian Proposal

The head of a UN murder inquiry is insisting on interviewing six Syrian officials in Lebanon, rebuffing a Syrian proposal for them to be questioned elsewhere, a Syrian Foreign Ministry official said yesterday. (Reuters)


Suicide Attacks Target Kabul Peacekeepers

Two suicide attacks target vehicles of NATO-led peacekeepers in Kabul; German soldier killed. (AP)


Australia Terror Suspects 'Were Stopped Near Nuclear Plant'

Police stopped three of the 18 terror suspects arrested last week near Australia's only nuclear power plant. (The Guardian)


Spain Looks Into C.I.A.'s Handling of Detainees

The C.I.A. is accused of routing planes carrying terrorism suspects through Majorca as part of its so-called rendition program. (NY Times)

Secret CIA Prisons

Another CIA Leak Probe?

Dana Priest, and her newspaper, are being hit from both sides. (Washington Post)

EU Examines 'CIA Prison' Claims

The European Commission is to make a statement to MEPs on the alleged existence of secret CIA detention centers in certain European states. (BBC)


Russians Held In China Spy Probe

Russian agents arrest the head of a Russian rocket technology firm on charges of spying for China. (BBC)


Guantanamo Teen's Case Raises Questions

Canadian-born Omar Khadr stood out among the suspected al Qaeda members who exchanged gunfire with US soldiers at a compound in Afghanistan in 2002 because he was the only one without a beard, an American soldier wounded in the battle said. (Reuters)



Video: Accusations of Torture in Iraq

Two Iraqis are suing the defense secretary over alleged torture by U.S. troops. (ABC News)

Terrorism Trial's Strategies Revealed

Moussaoui has said he wants to testify. (Washington Post)


France Seeks To Extend Crisis Law

The French cabinet is to ask parliament to extend state of emergency powers into 2006 as suburban rioting continues. (BBC)


Andijan Suspects Given Jail Terms

An Uzbek court gives 15 men involved in the Andijan unrest long jail terms after what's been seen as a show trial. (BBC)


U.S., Iraqi Troops Kill 50 Insurgents

U.S. and Iraqi troops launched a dawn assault Monday on another town near the Syrian border and killed 50 insurgents, a U.S. statement said, while the interior ministry reported that a car bomb detonated outside a gate leading into the fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad, killing two South Africans. (AP)

Saddam's Lawyers Face Obstacles to Demands

Saddam Hussein's lawyers face major challenges from the United States and Iraq to their demand to move his trial to another country after two of their colleagues were killed. (AP)

'Return Saudis Fighting in Iraq'

Saudi Interior Minister calls on countries who have forces in Iraq to hand over any Saudis who take part in terrorism. (Gulf News)


No Escape from Al Qaeda for Jordan

Jordan's delicate attempt to balance Arab loyalties and Western alliances - particularly with the US and Israel - has failed, at least in the eyes of al Qaeda. Amman now has no choice but to deal with al-Qaeda head on, even though more than half the country's population supports the group. (Asia Times)

Global 'To Do' List to Combat Terrorism

Increasingly, it seems as though the insane are running the asylum. (Arab News)

Heavy Hand of the Secret Police Impeding Reform in Arab World

In Jordan, those seeking democratic reform say the secret police force is one of the biggest impediments. (NY Times)

Threats and Furphies

If any reasonable person remained in doubt about the seriousness of the terror threat on Australian soil, events of the past week would likely have settled those doubts. (The Australian)

The Muslim Brotherhood… Should We Fear Them?

The question in itself may reflect some sort of danger of the Muslim Brotherhood, but we need to step back and analyze effectively. (Asharq al Awsat)

Inside The Mind of Bin Laden

The world's most wanted terrorist continues to inspire brutal attacks like those in Jordan last week and Baghdad yesterday. Now a remarkable new work reveals his true thoughts. (The Independent)

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