White House Won't Challenge that Bush Approved Leak


Libby Says Bush OK'd Leaks, Filing Alleges

I. Lewis ``Scooter'' Libby apparently had serious qualms about leaking classified intelligence to the press, but he was quickly persuaded to drop them. There was pressure from his boss, Vice President Dick Cheney, who advised him that the president had authorized Libby to do so. End of discussion. (AP)

White House Declines to Counter Leak Claim

The White House on Friday declined to challenge assertions that President Bush authorized the leaks of intelligence information to counter administration critics on Iraq. (AP)

Sr. Administration Official Rejects Possibility Bush Illegally Leaked Intel

'It's Like Accusing a Shopkeeper of Shoplifting From Himself' (ABC News)

Q&A: Libby and the CIA Leak Case

Lewis "Scooter" Libby resigned as chief of staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney after being charged with five counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice, in an investigation into the unauthorised disclosure of a CIA officer. (BBC)


News from the War on Drugs: Kingpins, Open Borders, And Shadow Wolves

Remember the war on drugs? It's still there, folks, but the narcs have taken a back seat to the war on terrorism. (US News & World Report)

Afghan Drugs Barons Flaunt Their Wealth and Power

International initiatives battle to end immunity for kingpins of the heroin trade (The Guardian)


Unconfirmed Reports: The Leader of Jund Allah Killed

Unconfirmed reports in Iran indicate that the leader of the "Soldiers of God" (Jund Allah) group and 11 of his supporters were killed in clashes with Iranian security forces on the Iranian-Afghani borders in the governorates of Sistan and Baluchistan. Abdel Malek Righi is believed to have been close to the Taliban and al Qaeda. The group is believed to have been responsible for recent assassinations and kidnapping operations in the area. (Al Hayat)

What Iran Could Gain From US Talks

Some hardliners in Iran are calling for the cancellation of talks planned between the US and Iran over Iraq, arguing the negotiations would only legitimise the foreign occupation of Iraq. (BBC)

Iran Has Missiles To Carry Nuclear Warheads

Iran has successfully developed ballistic missiles with the capability to carry nuclear warheads. (UK's Daily Telegraph)


Bomb Explodes Inside a Shiite Mosque in Baghdad

A bomb exploded inside a Baghdad mosque linked to the largest Shiite political party today, a day after a car bomb killed 10 people near a mosque in a part of Najaf that Shiites consider the heart of their religion. (NY Times)

US 'In Talks With Iraq Militants'

The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, has said US officials have held talks with some groups linked to the Sunni-led Iraqi insurgency. (BBC)

Risks and Rewards For Iraq Police

Thousands of recruits are being trained by the US army for Iraq's new police force - but with insurgent attacks, increased sectarianism and "on the job" training, the challenges are enormous. (BBC)


Tribals Demand Withdrawal Of Army

Thousands of tribesmen in Pakistan's North Waziristan region bordering Afghanistan have demanded the Pakistan military withdraw all its forces there. (BBC)

Analysis: U.S.: Imagining a Pakistan Without Musharraf

The United States would like to see the Pakistani military come under civilian control, a U.S. State Department official said April 5. (StratFor)


Italy Resumes Trial Of Madrid Bombing Suspect

Italian investigators started presenting their case on Friday against a former Egyptian army member suspected of helping to plan the Madrid train bombings in 2004 that killed 191 people. (Reuters)


Obasanjo Should Resign, VP Says

The row between Nigeria's leaders has intensified, with the vice-president urging President Olusegun Obasanjo to resign "for breaking the constitution". (BBC)


World 'Lacks 4m Health Workers'

Four million health workers are needed to combat the "chronic shortage" around the world, a report from the World Health Organization has warned. (BBC)

Aid Sought As African Misery Deepens

The United Nations has launched an appeal for $426 million to help more than eight million people hit by drought across east Africa. (Reuters)


Deny Him the Martyrdom He Craves

Zacarias Moussaoui should be nobody's hero and no one's martyr. (The Guardian)

Syria Breaks Taboo On Violence Against Women

Syria has broken a taboo by presenting a high profile study on violence against women, which found that one in four married women gets beaten - usually by her husband or father. (Reuters)

Caught In The Middle On A Volatile Border

Khalia Daoud squats in the shade of her straw hut with hundreds of other Chadian refugees, mostly women, children and the elderly. Her one-square-metre makeshift shelter stands at the edge of Sudan's porous 1300-kilometre border with Chad. (Sydney Morning Herald)

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