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On The Web

Al Sahab New Afghanistan Video

Al Qaeda's alleged "media production" company al Sahab has posted a new video on the Internet today showing an attack on a center in the district of Bak in Afghanistan. The video is narrated in Arabic and shows night shots of burning vehicles, men running around holding weapons and the body of a soldier who seems to be Afghani. The narrator says two groups were used for the attack and one was led by a Saudi called al Dabbah. The operation was led by a man called "Abu Nasser." It's worth noting that a Pakistani newspaper reported today that suspected al Qaeda figure "Abu Nasser al Qahtani," who had escaped the U.S. Bagram prison in July 2005, was re-captured in the province of Khost. The video is entitled "The American's Crematory in Kharasan (Afghanistan): The Raid of Bak in the Province of Khost" and is 2:54 minutes.

Another Call for Insurgents in Iraq to Unite

Another call for unity amongst different insurgent groups in Iraq was issued today, this time by someone using the name "mujahed forever" on one of the jihadi forums. The posting seems to have been inspired by the audio statement by the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, in which he called for insurgent groups to unite. "We ask you to unite," because unity will bring victory, says the posting. Other users responded by endorsing the call and reminding readers of the recent statement by al Muhajer. This is another sign of the existing differences between insurgent groups in Iraq and between some of those groups and Iraqi tribes.