Madonna Set to Adopt Second Orphan From Malawi

British newspapers are abuzz with reports that pop superstar Madonna has been granted permission to adopt a second orphan from Malawi, and this time it's a girl.

Thirteen-month-old Mercy is reportedly set to join Madonna's other children, Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda, the Malawian toddler whom Madonna took custody of last year amid much controversy.

David's own adoption is yet to be finalized, even though he has been living with the singer and her husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, for nearly a year.

Next month, a court-appointed official from Malawi is expected to visit the family in their U.K. home to assess the couple's suitability as parents. If all goes well, David's adoption will be finalized next January.

Meanwhile, Madonna is said to have instructed Alan Chinula, her lawyer in Malawi, to ensure that "all legal bases" are covered before she heads back to the country in April to pick up Mercy.

According to the Sun newspaper, it appears that the singer was allowed to view four different girls last October at the Kondanani Orphan Care Centre in Blantyre, Malawi's largest city.

In addition to Mercy, Madonna saw little girls named Grace, Jessica and Fanizio, and, according to sources who spoke to the Sun, originally "had her heart" set on Grace.

But, following objections from Grace's extended family, she is said to be "over the moon" about being allowed to adopt Mercy.

A source close to the singer's family said she "didn't want another complicated adoption." The source told the Sun that "Mercy is a beautiful baby girl. She's so joyful and happy and giggles every time she's picked up."

According to the Sun, Mercy's new mother is said to love "the way she claps her hands and laughs constantly. She has huge, dancing eyes. Madonna calls her her smiling angel."

Mercy's extended family is believed to be too poor to take care of the little girl, whose circumstances will change radically in the new year if officials allow Madonna to take her to England.

Speaking to ABC News, the singer's spokeswoman declined to comment on these reports, but it is expected that she will file adoption papers in February, once David's adoption is cleared.