Madrid Bomber Grand Central



Report: Bomb Suspect Had N.Y. Rail Sketch

Madrid train bombing suspect reportedly had sketch of New York's Grand Central terminal. (AP)


U.S. 'Torture Jet' Flies From UK

An aircraft used by the CIA to illegally abduct terrorist suspects has frequently operated from two British RAF bases. (The Evening Standard)


War on Terror Has Boosted Poppy Cultivation: Official

Opium poppy production has resurfaced in Pakistan because security forces have been busy tackling militants linked to the al Qaeda network along the Afghan border, a key official said yesterday. (Arab News)


Iran Blocks Nuclear Inspection

Iran severely restricted access to a suspect military site and refused a request by UN nuclear inspectors to revisit the facility. (AP)


Senate Intelligence Chairman Opposes C.I.A. Abuse Inquiry

The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is opposing a request by the panel's top Democrat to investigate possible misconduct by the C.I.A. in the treatment of terrorism suspects, Congressional officials said Tuesday. (NY Times)



Terror Suspect Told Saudis of Attack Plots, F.B.I. Says

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the American student accused of plotting to assassinate President Bush, told Saudi interrogators in 2003 that he and associates with Al Qaeda had also discussed hijacking planes over American airspace, attacking military bases and killing members of Congress, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation testified Tuesday. (NY Times)

Gonzales Defends Detention

Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales on Tuesday defended the Bush administration's detention of alleged Al Qaeda operative Jose Padilla, following a judge's ruling that he must be charged with a crime or be set free. (AP)

Testimony on bin Laden Is Allowed in Sheik's Trial

Over repeated objections from the defense yesterday, a federal judge at the terror financing trial of a Yemeni sheik permitted a witness to describe his time at a desolate Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and visits there by Osama bin Laden. (NY Times)


British Anti-Terror Bill Faces Tough Fight

Critics of house arrest of terror suspects unite to defy government plans. (CS Monitor)


Saddam Tribunal Judge Gunned Down

A judge on Iraq's tribunal set up to try former regime members is killed, just after the court ends its first probe. (BBC)

Ukraine Sets Dates For Iraq Exit

President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine has outlined a schedule for the withdrawal of 1,650 Ukrainian troops from Iraq, starting later this month. (BBC)

Rumsfeld Sued Over Prison Abuse

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is being sued by two civil liberties group for allegedly authorising torture and then failing to stop it. (BBC)

New Tape of French Hostage Receives a Muted Reaction at Home

France reacted with muted frustration on Tuesday to the release of a videotaped plea for help from a French journalist held hostage in Iraq, underscoring the government's growing sense of helplessness in keeping its citizens out of a war that it vehemently opposes. (NY Times)

Iraqi TV Targets Insurgents

A popular show features purported assailants' confessions as they face the families of victims. (LA Times)


The War's Silver Lining

We need to face up to the fact that the Iraq invasion has intensified pressure for democracy in the Middle East. (The Guardian)

Books of The Times:'Chatter' :The New Hows and Whys of Global Eavesdropping

Remember chatter? After 9/11, it was all over the news. (NY Times)

Leave Democracy To Us But Help Bring On the Peace

After decades of drought, it seems it is raining democracy in the Middle East. There are clear signs of change around the region. (The Daily Star)

Managing A Mideast Revolution

There's an obscure branch of mathematics known as "catastrophe theory," which looks at how a small perturbation in a previously stable system can suddenly produce dramatic change. A classic example of the theory is the way a bridge, after bearing immense weight for many years, can suddenly collapse because of a new stress. (Washington Post)

'We Are Living In A State of Constant Fear'

As the violence in Iraq continues, the number of people traumatized by the conflict grows. (The Guardian)

It Sounds Crazy, But …

Bush administration policy toward the Middle East is run by men routinely referred to in high circles in Washington as "the crazies". After Iraq, their target now is Iran, and they won't be deterred unless the U.S. undergoes a radical, and honest, reassessment of its relationship with Israel. (Asia Times)

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